They say Im back on my bullshit, naw Im jus back
goin hard and I live what Im spittin, they jus rap

this for my hustlas who aint working no jobs, they just trap
With that pistol on they hip, you bust we bust back

Heat up, naw fuck that, bitch Im already the hottest
Dudes cuffing they chicks, too late Im already the topic

This a movie in makin, all you can do is sit and watch it
To my haters… Ill let you know when Im ready to stop it

Meanwhile stay on ya job please,
Makin me famous how much you thinking abott me,

Im on my way to the money movin at top speed,
You look like you expected a quitter … boi thats not me

not me, Ima ball until the gym close
Im on my grizzy tryna stack my money ten fold

all eyes on me everywhere the kid goes,
I keep it pimpin I aint tricking with these bimbos

Shout out my fly city boys, them my kinfolk
The murder mitten in the buildin keep ya kids close

I aint gettin all fancy just to rip shows,
I keep it hood, some ones, some Js, or some timbos

shawty aint gon even front, she luv the kid swag
telling all her friends about me, damn she want the kid bad,

She think Im on it, lil mama, I can always get ass,
me Im thinking dolla dolla bill, Im tryna get cash,

she get mad, but baby Im only being real,
I aint tryna lay up with it, girl I only need a feel,

she tellin me Im a playa, baby girl that aint the deal,
see ive tried to do the luv thing, and now I need to chill, why?

Cuz I got too many moves to make, got too many things to do,
bitch Im tryna stack a milli, honestly I need a few,

cuz my sister need a crib, brother need money for school,
step daddy need a boat, and my momma need a coupe,

Thats what Im dreamin to, quote me Ima see it thru
Thats why Im goin hard, its nothing left for me to do

Im grindin thru all the hours that you be sleepin thru,
Who you think finna make it lil homie, me or you?

That aint for me to say, Im about my frito lays
prayin for dudes who get caught up and gotta flee the state

Top is where Im heading and the top is where I need to stay
y'all aint never gon keep me from doin me no way

Im bout mine, these rappers I out grind,
What up Greg, we almost there, its bout time,

Forever Fly the team, competition I outshine,
and Im really feelin sorry for whoever doubt mine (2:33)

hah, youse a stupid bitch, Im just on some stupid shit
but when it come to money, guarantee I got a super grip

and for the chopper guarantee we got them super clips
so if you talkin bout the drama, I hope that you equipped

becuz my shooters is, and they don't care who it is
I pass em the name and they wet em… now thats a few assists

you pussies shootin bricks, homie we don't shoot to miss
How we be disturbin the peace, they think its ludacris

I don't wanna take it there Im tryna chill tonight
my money good, so Im looking for a thrill tonight

maybe she wont, then again maybe she will tonight
after this bottle I guarantee shell be feelin right

tomorrow Im finna kite, back to grindin gettin right
back to getting money tryna stack it to the ceiling height

They ask me what Im doin, bitch im livin life,
One more time, its forever fly, they know we in the building right?