these are just the lyrics for my verse. the 3rd verse

Shawty want me to freak her, don’t want me to tease her, nope she want me to get straight to the business

Your wish is my command, you gon have to take the stand, Ima kill it baby you gon be the witness

Work ya out, hope you workin on ya fitness
We goin hard baby girl this aint no picnic

Ima have you doin back bends then splits, handstands and flips, have you lookin like a gymnist

When we done ima ask for forgiveness, cuz i promise baby you aint gon be actin right

Girl im blowin out ya back tonight, so don’t act surprised
When you be my number one fan for life

Aye, no candle lights, but ima give you every single thing you fantasize
Like what? It don’t even matter girl? Cuz I can get freakier than any man alive

So relax tonight, let me do my job, Ima give ya something you aint never had before

Hit it fast then slow, Ima take ya body oh so high, have you feelin like we passin dro

Have you askin where the passion go, cuz I beat it up till you cant stand no more

Ima give you want you askin for, you said you want a shotta in the sheets, baby what you think Im smashin for…JP