Finding music that still has a message and is encouraging in today’s Hip Hop/Rap scene is becoming more and more difficult. JP is one of the few artists who still delivers. Heartfelt music filled with raw emotion that is engaging, relatable, and inspirational has been the driving force in JP’s increasing popularity and growing fan base throughout Michigan and the Midwest. His rap/sing and upbeat style mixed with a very mainstream and professional sound is sure to grab the attention of any listener.
Born in Kalamazoo, MI on November 17th, 1988, Jonathan “JP” Sauser spent his early years on Kzoo’s North Side. Trials and tribulations were no stranger to JP growing up. From lead poisoning as a young boy which lead to his ADD, ADHD, Short Term Memory Loss, and Tourrettes Syndrome and doctors telling his mother he most likely would not make it through grade school without special education classes to his dad’s being diagnosed with cancer given a 33% chance of living three years to his best friend being shot and killed and his dad eventually losing his fight with cancer, hardships and heartbreaks became almost formality. But JP credits his struggle, stating “if it wasn’t for the things I went through and had to deal with in my life, the difficult situations I’ve faced and the loved ones I’ve lost, I wouldn’t be the man I am today.” And this is very apparent in his music.
JP has been listening to and enjoying Hip Hip/Rap/R&B music since he can remember and would write lyrics during class with friends in high school but it wasn’t until age 17 after he had moved to Flint that he really began creating his own music. “I would go to the local clubs and see people my age on stage performing their own music. At first I thought ‘that’s really cool’, but before long I started thinking ‘I can do that!’ And that’s what really influenced me to write and record my very first track.”
After receiving some positive feedback on his first few recordings JP decided to run with it. “Looking back, I feel like that positive feedback early on was one of the most critical moments in influencing me to pursue music. Had I got negative feedback that early on, it very well may have discouraged me to the point I never took it any further.” JP spent a couple years rapping with friends and performing at small local venues but claims it wasn’t something he was taking all to seriously and was not personally invested at that time. It wasn’t until his dad was diagnosed as terminal and given 6-9 months to live that JP really spilled his heart on a song and found out what music could truly do for him emotionally and how much passion and talent he really had. He wrote a song for his dad called “In My Heart” in which he expressed how much he loved him and how much he meant to him, how heartbroken he was by the situation, and how he would never forget him and always keep him in his heart.
“I can’t say goodbye, when I try my heart breaks and it starts to bleed. It’s getting so hard to breathe, I grab my pillow at night and I cry til’ I fall asleep. Tears filling up my eyes make it hard to see, I know I’m running out of time and it’s scarring me. But you’ll always be a part of me, I’ll always keep you in my heart with me.”  - chorus
It was at that point that JP started to see his potential. The feedback he started getting on that song for his dad was unlike any he had received before. People were truly moved by it. It touched them on a personal level. They felt it! “It was then that I realized that’s what it’s really all about! And that’s what I want my music to do!” That was the moment music shifted from a pastime and a hobby to a true passion and became something JP would give his all to. And from that moment on his music became much more personal. It became less of a facade and more of a true look into his heart and soul.
That year he lost his best friend Ckali and his dad months apart. He claims music played a big part in helping him cope and deal with those losses. He went on to purchase equipment and build himself a professional grade home studio where he spent the majority of his free time. He also started his own label called Forever Fly Entertainment.
JP knew that while making it big with his music was definitely a real possibility and something he would strive for he also needed a plan B so he could pay bills and fund his passion for music. He received his degree in Graphic Design, graduating at the top of his class, and eventually moved back to Kalamazoo for a design position. “I have two full time jobs. My day job… my 9-5, and then music… my 5-9. I grind 24/7!” JP currently handles every area of his music career on his own. From writing, recording and mixing/mastering all of his own tracks to doing all of the art and design work to booking all of his shows and distributing all of his music and merchandise. His dedication and grind is truly unmatched by most.
No stranger to hard work, JP has released 7 projects to date! The most recent, his solo album ‘Made For This’ which fans claim is “the best $10 they’ve ever spent on a CD”. This album can be purchased or streamed on his website as well as iTunes and all major online music stores. The album is also available for streaming on Pandora Radio, Spotify, iHeart Radio and more! JP also has featured on several tracks with major artists such as French Montana, JR Writer, Bone Crusher and Jadakiss.
“With every song and every project I do I become more and more invested, more and more confident in my skills, and find and define myself more and more as an artist. I have never been as hungry and motivated as I am right now. I know it’s not a matter of if, it’s just a matter of when.” JP says he’s hopeful for the future and his music career and with his new album gaining traction he should be!
JP always enjoys interacting with and hearing from his fans so if you have not connected with him yet visit his website or Facebook page, And if you have not heard his music yet take a minute and check it out at You wont be disappointed!
For booking inquiries and/or features email or call/text 810-965-1655